Karrington Paige Designs is a digital PDF downloadable sewing pattern company launched in February 2018.   KPD patterns are well designed, thoroughly tested and available in highly sought after A0 and layered formats.  Owner/Designer Shannon Buckbee has designed over 20 patterns for various pattern companies. 

“Designing is my true passion!  I love being able to offer classic designs that stand the test of time and many times giving the customer a look they can’t find in traditional stores. It’s important to me that KPD patterns are of the highest quality, well tested and easy to understand for every person’s sewing level, meeting the needs of a vastly growing sewing community.  Each design release that presents a beginner with something new should provide them with the information they need to succeed and grow their skill set.”  Shannon has a large and strategically selected group of testers from all backgrounds and sewing levels who adore testing for her because she listens, makes changes and strives for nothing but perfection!

So what can you expect to see from KPD? 

Expect to see about 30+ patterns per year from Shannon and her design team as they work to meet the consumer needs in an ever growing market and to provide patterns that have been thoroughly tested and meet the high standards of Karrington Paige Designs.  This growing collection of patterns will consist of not only girls, but patterns for women, dolls, pets and more.

Don’t just take our word for it.  Shannon’s designs are loved internationally by professional seamstresses, boutique owners and hobbyists alike!  Take a look at what they have to say about Shannon’s designs below then join our FB page, read some more, look around at our amazing customer’s creations then, when you’ve created your first Karrington Paige Design, show us your work and join the positive, supportive and ever-growing community we like to call the #KPDTribe!

Shannon's Daughter Modeling KPD's Felicia Design

“I love Shannon’s designs!!! She was one of the first designers of PDF Sewing patterns that I have ever used, and I still use her work!! I often go back to her classics but also love her new work also. The patterns always flow well and are easy to understand. Once you are done you always have to sit for a few minutes and marvel at what she helped you create because it is ALWAYS stunning!!!!!!” ~ Rebecca Floraleigh McClellan

“I love Shannon’s designs! I discovered her designs almost two years ago and have made several of them. Each one I make, I just sit back and look WOW! I made that?!?! She lays everything out in an easy to read, step-by-step format. Her patterns are so well written, even a beginner can sew them. I’ve been sewing for decades and I am still learning new techniques from her designs. She knows her stuff! Each design goes through testing to make sure it is as perfect as can be before release. I love that she listens to the tester feedback and strives for perfection in all of her designs. I love that I can get a perfect fit for my daughter EVERY TIME and create her a one of a kind custom wardrobe she will love! Shannon does it all! Anything from daily wear my child wears again and again – to over the top fancy wear for special occasions. When I learned that she started her OWN pattern design company – I was excited to join her on this journey and see how else she can wow me!”   ~  Hannah Diamond

“I’m not going to lie—I own A LOT of patterns. I know how to mash them and modify them to get the look I want. So it takes a lot for me to actually pull the trigger and buy a new pattern. Karrington Paige Designs makes me want to add to my collection! The designs are so classic and the patterns are easy to follow. Shannon’s designs are pattern staples for me!”   ~ Deah Blanke

As a Boutique Owner I’m always on the look out for New Patterns but the most important thing for me is “Knowing the Finished Product will Fit” I always get that with the patterns Shannon designs and a Happy Customer in Return. Karrington Paige Designs is just an expansion of her creative talents, attention to detail and precision pattern writing ability.   ~ Kathy Wodnicki

“Shannons patterns are the shiznit!!”  I love how well written Shannon’s patterns are and are so easy to follow along and understand. I love the sweet timeless looks of each piece and my little one just loves them all so that’s a major plus”   ~ Stina Thornton

One of my favorite modeled sessions was from one of Shannon’s dresses. It was a Breakfast a Tiffany’s theme and the dress was perfect. It was easy to follow and taught me some new skills. It was a classic and I used that photo to get into many tests.   ~ Carlon Phelps


Shannon creates consistently timeless and graceful designs with instructions that are easy to understand and a great fit. On top of all that, she is encouraging and inspiring along the way!   ~ Jennifer Bryant

I can’t heart KPD enough! I truly appreciate her eye for detail not only with the pattern itself, but with the visual beauty of the instructions as well. I just sewed up a Tammy & can’t wait to pick up a new pattern. Her style speaks to my soul!   ~ Tabitha Stewart

Shannon is one my favorite designers to work with. She pays attention to every detail and always takes every suggestion into consideration to make her patterns the best they can be. I am truly blessed to have been able to work with Shannon for the past two years. ~ Megan Wachowski

With well-designed patterns, exquisite details and a supportive environment to sew and share in Karrington Paige Patterns is a wonderful play to be. Explore new techniques, develop skills and share your creations.   ~  Jennifer Lichak